Terms And Conditions

Our Terms And Conditions are simple and Straight Forward

  • Candidate must be able to finance certification process till completion, which is why a percentage of the total fee is required before we begin any certification task(s) .
  • Fees are paid in two installments, The first installment is required for your eligibility and to finance your certification tasks requirements and the second installment once your results are available.
  • We accept fee payment by; Bank To Bank, Google Pay, Crypto Currency i.e Bitcoin, USDT, etc (Fastest and Reliable).
  • Each certification program duration ranges from 2 to 6 weeks maximum, we are obliged to begin work once candidate provides the financing fee for their certification program( first installment).
  • Once candidate pays fee , we are obliged to provide results, here by candidate is assure a 100% results guarantee with verifiable results and legal insurance coverage.
  • Candidates are assured 100% pass guarantee or a 5 days Full fee refund unfailingly.
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